Heritage site Fort Island Pampus gets green light for 2 wind turbines

Fort Island Pampus will get two 15-metre high wind turbines. The province of Noord-Holland has granted an exemption for this. The small wind turbines are part of an energy system that will make Pampus self-sufficient.

With this, the province complies with the exemption request of the municipality of Gooise Meren. The municipality supports making Fort Island Pampus sustainable and the construction of the energy system of which 2 wind turbines are part.

Sustainable energy generation

Fort Island Pampus was built as the keystone of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, at the time an ultra-modern and innovative water line. Since its completion in 1895, the fort has been detached from shore and electricity has been generated with diesel generators. After being acquired, the Forteiland Foundation redesigned the island and it is visited annually by some 100,000 interested visitors and recreationists.

In order to continue receiving the growing stream of interested visitors and recreationists without major adverse effects on the environment, it is necessary to switch to sustainable energy generation. An energy system using solar energy, wind energy and bio-digestion has been developed. The installation of the 2 wind turbines with a hub height of 15 metres and a tip height of 22 metres is necessary to generate enough electricity on cold and dark days, according to the foundation. Source: Province of Noord-Holland

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