First Power from nearshore turbines Windplanblauw

The nearshore part of the Windplanblauw wind energy project by Vattenfall and SwifterwinT is delivering power to the grid. At the moment, five out of the 24 wind turbines in the IJsselmeer lake have been completed and are now in a test phase.

Windplanblauw is being developed by Vattenfall and SwifterwinT. It involves a 340 MW repowering project in which 74 old wind turbines are being replaced by 61 new and more powerful wind turbines that should eventually generate enough electricity to supply roughly the equivalent of 450,000 households per year. Of the 61 wind turbines, 24 will be located in two lines in the IJsselmeer, outside the dike, and 37 on land. The construction onshore was completed in November 2022.

The first turbine in the IJsselmeer was installed in May this year. The turbines are provided by General Electric, type Cypress 5.5 MW. There are currently 13 turbines installed, five of which are completely finished. These turbines will be tested in the coming period. The power generated during this phase will already be fed directly into the electricity grid. The wind turbines are not yet at full capacity. During the testing phase, they are slowly scaled up to full production.

The 24 wind turbines replace the 28 turbines of Irene Vorrink Wind Farm that stood along the dike for years. They have a combined capacity of 132 MW, The electricity that will annually be produced once fully operational corresponds to the consumption of the equivalent of more than 130,000 households.

The complete wind farm is to be completed by 2024. The project also fits well with the ambition of Flevoland Province, which wants to be energy neutral by 2030. Windplanblauw makes an important contribution to achieving that goal. Image: Windplanblauw/Wessel Deen

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