Green light for citizen wind farm A2 Lage Rooijen

The onshore wind project Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen received green light to start the construction phase after the Advisory Division of the Dutch Council of State in a ruling this week rejected appeals made against the project.

Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen is a (50:50) initiative of the energy cooperative Coöperatie Bommelerwaar and consultancy firm Green Trust. The plan provides for the placement of three wind turbines in line arrangement east of the A2 highway, near exit Kerkdriel, in the municipality of Maasdriel (Gelderland province). The wind turbines could have a rotor diameter of minimum 117 m and maximum 150 m and a hub height of minimum 120 m and maximum 150 m. The tip height of the wind turbines are not to exceed 220 m.

Long process

It took a long time for the permit for Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen to receive final approval. The plans for the wind farm were first announced in 2018, followed by an extensive procedure involving public participation, research and assessment. The Maasdriel Municipal Executive granted an environmental permit for it in 2020. The Gelderland Provincial Executive also granted an exemption from the Nature Protection Act for the project and the Rivierenland Water Board granted a Water Act permit.

Several parties and local residents disagreed with these decisions and have appealed them to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State. They raised numerous objections to the project, such as noise pollution, nuisance from cast shadow, light pollution and the fact that the project would not be financially viable. The Advisory Division heard the case twice at a hearing, the first time on March 29, 2023, and the second time on June 13, 2023. The Division ruled the parties’ appeals inadmissible or unfounded.

Preparatory work

With the decision of the Council of State being final, Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen can now start the preparatory work of construction. Ground work, construction of purchasing stations and cable laying are expected to start in 2024. Green Trust is in charge of the construction and operation of the wind farm and, together with the cooperative, will ensure that residents of the Bommelerwaard can participate in the project.

Involving the environment

The goal is to ensure that fifty percent of the wind farm will be owned by local people through the cooperative. As part of the licensing process, Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen has established an environment fund. This fund aims to involve the local community in the developments and to ensure that the social and ecological impact of the wind farm is as small as possible. The environment fund offers financial support to various projects in the field of sustainability, nature conservation and social initiatives in the area. Source: Burgerwindpark A2 Lage Rooijen

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