Launch of T-shore the Netherlands South Centre of Vocational Excellence in Vlissingen

On Friday, 3 November, following the conference ‘Integrating offshore wind’, organized by HZ University of Applied Sciences and Scalda, the Netherlands South Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) was launched at Scalda’s WindDock training centre in Vlissingen.

In WindDock, students are trained to become offshore wind professionals. With the establishment of COVE, Scalda is part of an international, innovative network around offshore wind that addresses the challenges in this sector in a smart way, especially in the area of human capital.

The creation of the center stems from the European project T-shore. In a rapidly growing sector like offshore wind energy, the demand for highly skilled professionals is ever-increasing. T-shore aims to address the challenges facing the offshore wind industry in Europe by developing training programmes, a training library, and centres of vocational excellence (CoVEs) to provide workers with the skills and competencies they need to succeed in the industry.

Key Objectives of the Netherlands South CoVE

The Netherlands South CoVE is not just a training center; it’s a hub of innovation and skill development.

Tailored Training Programs: The CoVE will offer a wide range of specialized training programs covering both technical and soft skills crucial for success in the offshore wind industry.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, the CoVE aims to provide hands-on, practical training to ensure that students are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Industry Collaboration: The CoVE will serve as a bridge between the academic world and industry, promoting collaboration, research, and innovation in the offshore wind sector.

Job Creation: By producing a highly skilled workforce, the Netherlands South CoVE will play a pivotal role in creating job opportunities for local talent in the offshore wind industry.

Collaboration for Success

This endeavour has only been made possible through strong collaboration and partnership. T-shore has joined forces with various stakeholders, including educational institutions, industry experts, and local authorities, to create a hub of excellence in Vlissingen. By pooling resources and knowledge, this CoVE is poised to become a leading institution in the field of offshore wind education. Source/Image: Scalda/T-shore

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