FibreMax and GICON® strenghten collaboration in floating offshore wind

FibreMax, a Dutch provider of synthetic cable solutions, and German company GICON®-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH (GICON®-Consult) have signed a cooperation agreement to further expand and intensify their collaboration in the area of floating wind.

Their combined efforts will focus on the Gicon SOF Tension-Leg Platform (TLP), equipped with state-of-the-art synthetic tendons.

In recent years, GICON®-Consult has become one of the drivers of innovation regarding floating substructures for wind turbines. The focus here is on the TLP – the GICON® SOF. The platform is attached through four ropes to a heavyweight anchor placed on the seabed, impressing with its enormously high stability.

“The tendons for the development of a first pilot system are provided by FibreMax. We have already worked closely together in previous years, so I am pleased that we are now intensifying this cooperation.” – Dr Frank Adam, Head of Wind Engineering.

FibreMax – exclusive inventor of the endless wound tendons

The Dutch specialist for synthetic tendons was founded in 2009 and has since made a name for itself in the industry. Not only are the tendons be wound endlessly and have integrated end terminations, but the product is 85 percent lighter than steel, rust-free as well as maintenance-free for a service life of 30 years. “The collaboration with GICON® gives us the opportunity to incorporate our cables within innovative technology. Both companies can only benefit from this collaboration,” Sander van Helvoort, Director of Renewable Energy at FibreMax.

Using common strengths for one market

GICON®-Consult, as a company of the GICON Group, and FibreMax want to use the collaboration to further pave the way for joint products and services. “We expect the more intensive cooperation to lead to increased synergy effects in customer acquisition. We also see enormous potential in using each other’s partner and sales networks to act as strong partners in the important future market of floating substructures for wind turbines,” says Dr Frank Adam, explaining the joint deal. Image: Dr Frank Adam (left) together with Sander van Helvoort (centre) and GICON® Consult Managing Director Dr Hagen Hilse. Source: GICON® Consult

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