Wrapped composite joint project receives €5.5 million grant from RVO

Tree Composites, developer of the wrapped composite joint, announced the start of the WrapNode-II project. €5.5 million (Hernieuwbare Energietransitie/Renewable Energy Transition) HER+ subsidy has been granted by RVO to make the wrapped composite joint ready for (pre)commercial implementation in full scale offshore jacket support structures.

The goal of the WrapNode-II-project is to lower the LCOE and carbon footprint of offshore wind by further development of the wrapped composite joint in offshore wind structures. In order to develop the technology towards full-scale application and validate on critical points, extensive large- and full-scale component tests will be executed. Furthermore, an actual jacket structure using composite joints will be assembled and tested to showcase the functionality of the joints in an actual system.

These results will validate the use of Tree Composites‘ composite joints in offshore jackets, bringing the Technology Readiness Level from a level 5 (WrapNode-I) towards level 6. This project supports the step towards implementation in a full-scale jacket structure planned in the follow‐up project called WrapUp.


The project will be executed by a consortium consisting out of TU Delft, Tree Composites, HSM offshore, Enersea, AOC, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Parkwind and Shell. Tree Composites will receive €2.5 million for their part in the development.

This project is part of the GROW program on offshore wind energy. The GROW program aims to reduce levelized costs of offshore wind electricity, to create added value for the Dutch economy and to strengthen the Dutch offshore wind industry. Source image: Tree Composites

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