Installation of all Windplan Groen wind turbines completed

On Tuesday 28 November, the construction of the final two of a total of 86 wind turbines for the large wind energy project Windplan Groen was completed. The installation of the last rotor blades took place at the Hanze and Hondtocht Zuid wind farms.

Windplan Groen is a repowering project in the eastern part of Flevoland province. Scattered solitairy wind turbines are being replaced by 86 new wind turbines divided over several wind farms, including the Hanze and Hondtocht Zuid wind farms.

Hanze Wind Farm

In Hanze Wind Farm, the final blades were installed on a General Electric Cypress 6.0-164 type wind turbine, with 164 metres rotor diameter, 166 metres hub height, a tip height of 249 metres, and an installed capacity of 6 MW. In total, this wind farm comprises 15 wind turbines in 2 line arrangements. The total capacity of the wind farm is 90 MW. The wind farm is a local initiative of 26 farmers, 180 local investors through Windshare Groen BV and Waterschap Zuiderzeeland.

Hanze Wind Farm

Hondtocht Zuid Wind Farm

In Hondtocht Zuid Wind Farm, the installation of the last of five Vestas wind turbines was completed. The wind turbines are type V162, with a hub height of 166 metres, rotor diameter of 162 metres and tip height of 247 metres. Hondtocht Zuid is owned by Pure Energie, which in addition to this wind farm also owns the wind farms Hoge Vaart Zuid (10 Vestas turbines) and Oldebroekertocht (5 Vestas turbines) within the project Windplan Groen. Moreover, Pure Energie was also responsible for the construction of the five wind turbines of Flevo Ventum Wind Farm- also part of Windplan Groen. This was commissioned by the owner, Flevo Ventum B.V.

Connection to the electricity grid of several turbines will follow in the coming months. All tests are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024. All wind turbines will be equipped with ADLS by Topwind, in partnership with Light:guard. Source: Windplan Groen/ Pure Energie Header image: Hondtocht Zuid Wind Farm All photos: © Klaas Eissens

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