TenneT to processs 47 responses to draft investment plans 2024-2033

Dutch grid operator TenneT has received 47 reactions to the draft investment plans 2024-2033. TenneT will use the coming weeks to process the responses. The draft investment plans will be submitted to the Dutch regulator ACM in early January.

All grid managers draw up so-called investment plans every two years. In the plans, the grid managers describe the expansion and replacement investments for the electricity and gas networks. The investment plans thus provide insight into how additional capacity will be created and how the quality of the networks will be safeguarded. TenneT makes two investment plans, one for the onshore high-voltage grid and one for the offshore grid.

The new plans were published on November 1, and so-called views on them could be submitted for a period of 4 weeks. When it was published, it became clear that major adjustments to the grids can be expected in the coming years as a result of the energy transition. Some 700 projects are planned, double the previous investment plans. Substantial expansions at sea and on land are planned.

The plans were available for inspection by interested parties for four weeks. During that period, 47 views were received. In 2022, there were 35. TenneT is using the coming weeks to process the responses. In early January, TenneT will send the next version of the draft investment plan to the energy market regulator, ACM. Source: TenneT

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