Kick-off ‘unmanned’ offshore turbine blade maintenance continuation project

Last week, a kick-off meeting for the World Class Maintenance (WCM) Fieldlab Zephyros AIRTuB-ROMI project took place in Vlissingen. AIRTuB-ROMI represents the continuation of the successfully completed AIRTuB1 project in early 2023 focused on ‘unmanned’ offshore turbine blade maintenance.

In this Automated Inspection and Repair of wind Turbine Blades (AIRTuB)1 initiative, a consortium of knowledge institutions and companies, led by Fieldlab Zephyros – World Class Maintenance, achieved a significant milestone by developing the initial prototype of a drone crawler robot designed for ‘unmanned’ offshore turbine blade maintenance.

Securing renewed support in the form of a Top Sector Energy subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, AIRTuB-ROMI is strategically focused on advancing and downsizing the AIRTuB1 prototype. This involves incorporating smart sensing technology into turbine blades, creating a blade digital twin and establishing the robot as a resident within the windfarm.

The kick-off meeting brought together 36 project team members from the 17 participating parties. The event featured participant pitches, work package workshops, an intense indoor drone flying competition, and a culminating final dinner. These activities not only facilitated team-building but also enhanced understanding of the project, ensuring a strong and successful start.

The participating parties, under the leadership of Fieldlab Zephyros, include Eneco Wind, Vattenfall Sustainable Energy, LM Wind Power, Inertia Technology B.V., Tarucca, MISTRAS Group, Inc., Nobleo Technology, Terra Inspectioneering, Avular Innovations, Nest-Fly Technologies, DEHN Inc., NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre, Delft University of Technology, TNO, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Source: Worldclassmaintenance

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