WIND, TMA Logistics and Bredenoord successfully tested use of green energy to power project equipment

Dutch cable services provider WIND, TMA Logistics and Bredenoord have successfully tested the use of green energy to power project equipment, thus eliminating the use of conventional generators.

For a subsea cable storage project, the parties used a 300 kWh battery box as a power reservoir to absorb peak loads during cabling operations, while the battery box charged via the TMA green shore power facility. A conventional backup generator was still present on-site as a back-up, although not required.

Thanks to the commitment of the team, this 20 day operation was run on 100% green energy saving approximately 9,000 kg/9 tonnes of CO² emissions, WIND stated. That’s the equivalent of 1 average car driving on gasoline for 4.5 years.

WIND Cable Services and TMA Logistics are strongly committed to reducing carbon emissions through their collaboration. Source: WIND

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