Pink-purple BestWatt wind turbines featured at COP28 location

During COP28, the international climate summit held in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December, five bright pink and purple coloured wind turbines were real eye-catchers at the venue. Dutch company Rengineers supplied and installed these small wind turbines in collaboration with Octopus Energy (via Infinite Renewables), one of the sponsors of the UK pavilion at the event.

Rengineers supplied five 15-metre-high BestWatt type BW45 wind turbines. The turbines were spray-painted in the BestWatt production hall in Barneveld in the recognisable colours of UK energy company Octopus Energy. The wind turbines were then transported to Dubai where they were assembled in a midweek.

These turbines are part of a mobile energy system where they were seamlessly integrated with solar panels and battery storage. After the event, they will be dismantled again.

Mobile energy system

The wind turbines attracted attention not only from participating countries at the Dubai Climate Conference 2023, but also from a global audience. More than 100 countries united behind the ambitious goal of tripling renewable energy production by 2030.

In addition to the power of renewable energy, the BestWatt wind turbines also highlighted Rengineers’ innovative solutions. Source images: Rengineers

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