Van Oord completes Baltic Eagle foundation and cable installation work

Dutch maritime contractor Van Oord has completed the installation of all 50 foundations and inter-array cables for Iberdrola’s Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm.

Earlier this year, heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen installed the monopiles. The wind turbine foundations were completed by Van Oord with the installation of the transition pieces. Van Oord performed the installation in two campaigns with Spliethoff’s Brouwersgracht and Jumbo’s Fairplayer.

Recently, Van Oord’s cable-laying vessel Nexus successfully completed the installation of the inter-array cables. These cables are used for connecting the offshore wind turbines and transmitting electricity. Trencher Dig-It – a remotely-operated vehicle – buried the inter-array cables to the required depth. The Dig-It has been customised to ensure that it can handle the challenging soft soil conditions in the Baltic Sea. The termination and testing works of the IAC are in full swing and are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

The Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm is located in the German Baltic Sea, 30 kilometres northeast of the island of Rügen. With a production capacity of 476 MW, Iberdrola’s Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm will deliver renewable energy to 475,000 households while reducing carbon emissions by nearly 1 million tonnes annually. Source: Van Oord

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