Windbase completes 40 Years Anniversary

With the end of year in sight, Windbase, a Dutch specialist in wind turbine foundation engineering, is completing the celebration of its 40th anniversary.

From its roots as ABT bv to its new name Windbase in 2019, the company has been at the forefront of wind turbine foundation engineering for four decades and has journeyed from the earliest foundation designs for wind turbines to today’s advanced sustainable solutions.

One of Windbase‘ first projects was for the Newecs45 prototype wind turbine near Medemblik (1985). Back then, this was the largest wind turbine in the world with a capacity of 1MW, at a time when 50 to 80 KW was rather the standard. Over the past 40 years, the sector has developed significantly.

“We keep being the forerunner in advanced analyses allowing us to safely optimize our foundations. We are now adding data driven design: instead of presenting one solution we can now discuss multiple solutions with the client and make the impact of design choices on money and durability visible.”

Axel Jacobs – Windbase Director

Some of the signature projects completed during Windbase’ 40-year legacy are:

The Riemst-Herderen wind farm in Belgium: A groundbreaking endeavor that paved the way for innovation. (monitoring program for comparison of real behaviour with advanced models)

The Oostpolderdijk wind farm in the Netherlands: A milestone reflecting Windbase’ commitment to sustainability and expertise. (Gravity foundation on a see dike in earthquake area and complex soil conditions)

The Hartel wind farm in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: An emblematic project showcasing Windbase’ evolution as specialist in wind turbine foundations. (Repowering of older wind turbines with ABT/Windbase foundation designs. Special foundation design that’s allows wind turbines at sites with very limited space)

Go to the Windbase website for a full overview of projects. Windbase also featured in the October 2021 edition of Windpowernl Magazine. Click here to read the article (page 22). Image/Source: Windbase

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