Hendrik Veder Group Opens new Solutions Hub in Vlissingen

Hendrik Veder Group, the Dutch lifting and hoisting solutions provider, announced last week the opening of a Solutions Hub in Vlissingen. This hub provides a wide range of services, such as wire rope spooling, rigging, inspection, certification, maintenance, and renting lifting and hoisting gear.

Located strategically in collaboration with Goult Services at the Offshore Service Base, this spot lets Hendrik Veder Group get even closer to its clients, bringing significant advantages.

“With this Solutions Hub, we can respond even faster and fully support our clients, aligning perfectly with the growth and promising potential of the region as an offshore wind hub. Our experienced and skilled personnel are ready to tackle any lifting and hoisting challenges.”

Pieter Modderman, Director of Business Development

The hub will provide a local presence, enabling Hendrik Veder Group to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of its clients in Vlissingen and the surrounding areas.

The geographical proximity ensures a significantly reduced turnaround time, allowing clients to swiftly capitalize on the extensive service offerings.

Hendrik Veder Group can deploy experienced and skilled professionals capable of delivering tailor-made solutions for any lifting and hoisting challenges.

The Solutions Hub in Vlissingen is prepared to deliver customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of clients.

With the availability of a dedicated quay site for spooling operations, efficiency is maximized, resulting in smooth and prompt execution.

Clients gain access to an extensive fleet of lifting and hoisting equipment available for rental, enabling them to flexibly meet their project needs.

Source: Hendrik Veder Group

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