JIP OOAS partners showcase planning technology on Acta Auriga

Over the past couple of months, MO4, provider of smart software solutions for offshore operations, together with its joint industry project Offshore Operational Advisory System (OOAS) partners NextOcean, Radac, Acta Marine, SMST and MARIN, had the opportunity to showcase their planning application on Acta Marine’s Service Operation Vessel Acta Auriga.

The operability of offshore wind farm installation and maintenance vessels strongly depends on weather conditions. Winds, waves and currents impact the ability of a vessel to keep station. OOAS is a joint industry project, led by MARIN, aiming to improve the efficiency of offshore wind farm installation and maintenance vessels, by using better data for planning and executing operations.

The project partners developed, tested and validated a planning system that makes use of a digital twin of the walk-to-work vessel Acta Auriga of Acta Marine and the gangway of SMST. The digital twin model considers the hydrodynamic characteristics, the DP system and gangway and an anti-roll tank. The digital twin is developed by MARIN and MO4. This accurate model is coupled to a weather forecast and used to predict the operability. The model was to be validated with detailed environmental and response data gathered on board by project partners Next Ocean and RADAC.

The project delivers a system which gives planning advice in several stages of operation, from heading and routing advice on board to workability planning one year prior to operation.

The application was tested on board Acta Marine’s SOV Acta Auriga (see video in LinkedIn post). The application acts as an interface between the client and the people on the bridge. It enables the client to make a feasible planning be executed safely by the captain and his crew. The application gives insight and schedule in wich turbine, wich team should connect and transfer and when, which gives a great overview in general. onboard measurement data which can be used to tune and validat the marical model. MARIN made several visits on board the vessel and had sessions with the crew on board but also in the MARIN simulator.

The application is built to be scalable so not only for SOVs but also CTVs, PSVs but also jackups and heavy lift operations.

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