Gelderland province opts for 7 wind turbines in Echteld-Lienden Wind Farm

Province of Gelderland has determined the preferred wind turbine layout for Vattenfall’s Echteld-Lienden wind farm, opting for a layout with seven wind turbines with a tip height of a maximum of about 270 metres.

The province reached this decision after extensive environmental research and consultation with the municipalities involved, local residents and stakeholders in the area. With the decision, the province is implementing the 2021 agreements from the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Rivierenland. The wind turbines will be located on both sides of the A15 motorway.


The environmental study, which examined the possibilities for the placement of 7 to 11 wind turbines, showed that the area has room for 9 wind turbines. However, to accommodate concerns in the surrounding area as much as possible, the province decided to remove the 2 turbines closest to homes. Furthermore, wind turbines will come to a halt at regular intervals to protect black-tailed godwit and bats. Nuisance from cast shadow will be completely restricted and noise pollution will also be reduced by switching off the turbines at certain times. The wind turbines will have a tip height of up to about 270 metres.

Benefits for the region

In addition, the province of Gelderland is investigating the possibilities of supplying power from the wind farm directly to the nearby Medel industrial estate. As part of the plan, energy cooperative Echteld-Lienden, in close cooperation with the province and initiator Vattenfall, is developing an innovative proposal for financial participation in the wind farm. Residents (who are members of the energy cooperative) and live within a 2.5-kilometre radius of the wind farm will be eligible for a share of the wind farm’s revenues, without having to make an investment. This will make financial participation available to everyone and not just those who can invest. The partners in the project want the proposal to contribute to fighting energy poverty.

Next steps

The province is now moving ahead with preparing the Project Decision under the Environment Act, which came into force on 1 January 2024. In addition, initiator Vattenfall is conducting detailed environmental research for specifically the seven wind turbines now determined as part of the licence application.

The draft project decision including the draft permits and environmental impact assessment is expected to be made available for inspection around the summer. Anyone can submit views on it, which will be answered by the province. The final decision is expected in the third quarter of this year. Source: Province of Gelderland

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