Ventolines wins tender for Estonian-Latvian joint offshore wind project ELWIND

Ventolines, a Dutch renewable energy integrated service provider, has won a public tender to consult the Estonian-Latvian joint offshore wind project ELWIND team in executing next practical steps in de-risking the offshore areas.

Ventolines will take the role of technical consultant. According to the agreement the main responsibility of the company is to help the ELWIND team preparing the technical and environmental studies that form a major part of the predevelopment activities Estonia and Latvia are committed to.

“Ventolines has contributed to wind park development projects in the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA, and other countries, proving its competence and professionalism. For the needs of ELWIND, the company will provide support in the preparation of procurement documentation of environmental impact assessment and technical studies,” emphasizes Janis Locmelis, Head of the ELWIND Project Division of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

“This is an important milestone and achievement for the project and adds extra confidence for the entire ELWIND team, as the next steps require high-quality experience and expertise that Ventolines definitely has,” says Tõnn Tuvikene, ELWIND Project manager of KIK (Environmental Investment Centre).


ELWIND is a joint Estonian-Latvian state-run cross-border offshore wind project in the Baltic Sea that started in 2020. It was being launched with the aim to strengthen regional energy market by investing into offshore wind electricity production and hybrid interconnection between Estonia and Latvia.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia and the Latvian Ministry of Economics signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at pre-developing an offshore wind farm of up to 1,000 MW in the Baltic Sea, with the right to build the wind farm via auction. According to ELWIN, the project will be able to cover about one fifth (3 TWh in a year) of the total annual Estonian and Latvian electricity consumption. Source: ELWIND

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