Google announces 700 MW PPAs including largest to date in the Netherlands

Today, Google announced power purchase agreements for more than 700 megawatts of clean energy. This includes its largest offshore wind projects to date in the Netherlands.

As a result, over the next couple of years, Google’s operations are projected to reach more than 90% carbon-free energy in the Netherlands, Italy and Poland, and close to 85% in Belgium. This is a significant step towards Google’s aim to operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy in all data centers and campuses in Europe.

The Netherlands

The internet company has signed power purchase agreements with Shell and with Eneco, owners of the Crosswind & Ecowende joint ventures, to support 478 MW of carbon-free energy capacity with two offshore wind farms Hollandse Kust Noord and Hollandse Kust West VI. Together with the existing power purchase agreements Google has previously signed in The Netherlands, these projects will help its Dutch data centers and offices reach more than 90% carbon-free energy in 2024.

Additional carbon-free energy across Europe

Today, the company is also announcing green energy deals in Italy, Poland and Belgium that will bring it closer to making its ambition a reality and contribute to the decarbonization of Europe’s electricity systems.

In Italy, Google has entered into its first long-term Power Purchase Agreement to support an onshore wind energy project with 47 megawatts of clean energy generation capacity with Italian energy company ERG. Google’s current projections indicate that, once operational, this agreement will help its offices in Italy, as well as its Milan and Turin cloud regions, to reach more than 90% carbon-free energy on an hourly local basis in 2025.

Following its first power purchase agreement in Poland last year, Google is also announcing two additional agreements for 106 MW of solar generation capacity with GoldenPeaks Capital. This will add clean energy to the grid that its projections indicate will help its offices and cloud region in Poland achieve more than 90% carbon free energy in 2025.

Finally, Google is announcing two new green energy deals in Belgium, which its current projections indicate will help Google operate its offices and data centers in the country near 85% carbon-free energy on an hourly local basis in 2024. With these power purchase agreements, Google is helping bring 11 new onshore wind farms, developed by Aspiravi and Luminus, to the grid for a total capacity of 84 megawatts. Source: Google

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