Seaway7 says farewell to founding vessel Seaway Yudin

On 1 February, Seaway7 said farewell to its installation vessel Seaway Yudin. At the age of 38, the vessel will enter a new chapter in its active life, under new ownership.

This was announced by Seaway7 on their social media channels. The company did not enclose the name of the vessel’s new owner. The Seaway Yudin was the founding vessel of Seaway7 (then Seaway Heavy Lifting), and the basis on which the heavy-lift part of the company’s business was built; initially in Oil and Gas, then in Offshore Wind as an early mover.

Since it was built in 1985, the vessel has earned an incredible lifting track record of more than 1 million tonnes of offshore structures (installed or removed), and its passport includes “stamps” from travels across all corners of the globe. Installing structures near Nova Zembla (Varandey), Venezuela, Malaysia, Middle East, India and the Black Sea, but also closer to home in the North Sea.

In 2009, Seaway Yudin led Seaway7’s way into offshore renewables with the successful installation of the Greater Gabbard monopile foundations and substation offshore the UK. Since then the vessel has contributed to the completion of over 20 renewables projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Taiwan.

In its announcement, Seaway7 thanks the vessel ‘for its outstanding long service, and thank all offshore and onshore people that have supported operations throughout the past decades which contributed greatly to the fantastic track record of the vessel’. Source: Seaway7

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