MARIN opens Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion project for participation

Dutch independent research institute MARIN has opened participation for the WiSP3 Joint Industry Project, a two-year Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion research project.

More and more ships are equipped with devices to capture wind to their advantage. To get past the stage of pioneering, good standard performance predictions are needed for the overall system of the ship with equipment. Therefore MARIN launched the WiSP3 Joint Industry Project (JIP).

WiSP 3 will focus on the standardisation of performance predictions of wind assisted ships and updates on the regulatory framework, including EEDI, EEXI and CII. Investigating effects of unsteady conditions on wind assist devices and the propulsion train will be part of this project. The aim is to provide industry standards on the methods to predict fuel savings and emission reductions, enabling fair comparison.

The WiSP3 Project will start in 2024 and take 2 years to complete until April 2026. WiSP 3 is initiated by MARIN, in cooperation with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and International Wind Ship Association (IWSA) and a large number of WiSP 1 and WiSP 2 participants.

Previous research

WiSP 3 is following-up the successful Joint Industry Projects WiSP 1 and WiSP 2. In these previous projects, aerodynamic interactions were explored, transparent performed prediction methods developed and some rules and regulations were reviewed. Some of the new questions that arose are subject of the new research.

As an independent research institute, MARIN strives to gather a diverse and representative group of stakeholders for this new project. On 12 April 2024, a kick-off meeting will take place in Venice, during the BlueWeek. Source: MARIN

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