Vibrotwist winner of Offshore Wind Innovator Awards 2023 with Gentle Driving of Piles technology

Last night, Dutch company Vibrotwist was announced winner of both the jury and audience award with its noise-free vibratory pile-driving technology during the final of the Offshore Wind Innovator Award 2023 in The Hague.

The Offshore Wind Innovators Awards are organised annually by Offshore Wind Innovators to reward innovative contributions to the offshore energy transition.

This year’s applications covered various crucial domains within the offshore wind industry, ranging from installation techniques and asset protection to logistics, data management, predictive maintenance, material use, and operational management. This diversity showcased a comprehensive range of advancements to enhance various facets of the field. The applications were evaluated on several critical criteria, including innovativeness, technical feasibility, market desirability, economic viability, and potential impact on the offshore wind sector.

In the end, three finalists were selected by the 2023 jury panel, consisting of Renske Ytsma from RWE, Olaf Waals from MARIN, and Eva Ferrier from Invest-NL.


Corrosion proposed an ingenious approach by remotely installing ICCP anodes on monopile foundations using ROVs. This innovative method not only promises safety enhancements by eliminating the need for diving personnel but also aimes at reducing labour shortages through robotized anode installation. The adoption of ICCP anodes over sacrificial anodes showcased reduced material usage.


Twindo introduced a paradigm shift by integrating Machine Learning into wind energy project planning and management. This advanced system factored in external variables like weather, promising improved safety measures and streamlined project execution.


Vibrotwist emerged as the ultimate winner by the jury and of the audience award. Its solution aims to reduce noise emissions during pile driving through axial and torsional vibrations. What set Vibrotwist apart was its potential to transform the offshore wind sector in both the short and long term. It could reduce ecological impacts by enabling complete End-of-Life recycling of the monopile and enhance the well-being of marine species by reducing sound emissions. Moreover, it showcased effectiveness across various soil types and forecasted significant cost and time reductions in installation and decommissioning processes.

The Offshore Wind Innovators Awards 2023 highlights commendable innovations poised to shape offshore wind energy’s future. This event underscored the industry’s commitment to progress and sustainability, paving the way for a more efficient and ecologically conscious offshore wind sector. These innovations promise to propel the industry forward, making offshore wind energy an even more significant contributor to the global energy transition.

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