Festive opening of Olsterwind onshore wind farm

On Saturday, 10 February 2023, the opening of Windpark Olsterwind near the Dutch town of Dronten was festively celebrated. The onshore wind farm is part of the larger Windplan Groen repowering project in the province of Flevoland.

Olsterwind Wind Farm comprises 8 wind turbines in line arrangement along the Olstertocht waterway. The wind turbines are from Nordex, type N163/6.X, the further development of the Nordex Delta 4000 platform. This turbine has a hub height of 160 metres, a rotor diameter of 163 metres and an installed capacity of 6.8 MW. Olsterwind is the first wind farm in the Netherlands with this type of wind turbine.

The 8 turbines replace the 10 Vestas V80 wind turbines from the previous wind farms Olster-Tocht and Noorderwind in the area. These were all removed in 2021. The first new wind turbine was installed in April 2023 and the last in July. In October that year, all the wind turbines were commissioned.

Olsterwind Wind Farm was initiated by neighbouring farmers and is located on own land and operated in-house. See also the video (in Dutch) by Olsterwind. Image: Screenshot from video Facebook post Olsterwind Source: Olsterwind

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