Sif and partners win International Energy Technology Award with their Rapidweld Project

Rapidweld Project partners Sif Group, SSE Renewables, Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE) and The Welding Institute have won the International Energy Award for this innovative project.

The partners worked over the past four years on the Rapidweld Project which aimed to develop and demonstrate fabrication capability using Reduced Pressure Electron Beam (RPEBW). Applying this innovative technique, a full-size longitudinally welded can should be fabricated, and integrated into one of the foundations of the Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm. If this welding technique was proven to be successful, it would be the first-in-class of its type globally.

The article

William Lafleur, Technology Officer of Material & Welding, and Bart Theunissen, Manager of Process Technology & Innovation, wrote an article. This article provides more information about the technology, the sustainability of the Rapidweld project, the application of the welding technique and the first fabrication of the monopile that will be installed later this year.

The International Energy Award

From over 140 entries, from 29 different countries, Sif – together with its partners – was nominated for the Technology Prize. They were announced winners yesterday evening during the International Energy Award in London. Each year the Awards shine a spotlight on the organisations and teams from around the world making the biggest difference in terms of workforce development, engagement, and technical innovation.

On behalf of Sif, Bart Theunissen was present during the award show in London. Bart Theunissen, Manager of Process Technology & Innovation,: ‘’Throughout yesterday I felt a deep connection. Not only did we win this prestigious award, but we also realized the impact of the project. The project was a challenge, with many ups and downs, in which bravery and courage outweigh everything. As opportunities were sought, solutions were found and tough decisions were made. Thanks to everyone who was part of this project!’’ Source: Sif-Group

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