Hoge Vaart Zuid Wind Farm formally completed

This week, the onshore wind farm Hoge Vaart Zuid was officially handed over to owner Pure Energie. The wind farm is part of the larger wind project Windplan Groen, in the eastern part of the province of Flevoland.

Hoge Vaart Zuid comprises 10 Vestas V162 wind turbines, each with a hub height of 166 metres, a rotor diameter of 162 metres and a tip height of 247 metres.

Construction of the last wind turbine was completed in October last year. This was followed by a period of testing. Now, the wind turbines have been officially handed over to Dutch energy company Pure Energie. The turbines are expected to annually generate more than 200 million kilowatt hours.

Windplan Groen

The wind farm is part of Windplan Groen, a large wind project in the eastern part of Flevoland in the municipality of Dronten. Besides Hoge Vaart Zuid, Pure Energie also built the Oldebroekertocht, Hondtocht Zuid and Flevo Ventum wind farms in this area. The latter wind farm is owned by Flevo Ventum BV, for which Pure Energie took care of construction. With the commercial hand over of the wind farm, all three wind farms (together 20 wind turbines) of Pure Energie within Windplan Groen are now operational.

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