Huisman supplies cable-lay vessel for Japanese offshore wind market with subsea cranes

Norwegian ship designer and builder VARD has awarded Huisman Equipment with a contract for the supply of two cranes to be integrated on Toyo Construction Co. Ltd.’s latest cable-lay and construction vessel.

The order is for a full electric 250mt Hybrid Boom Subsea Crane, and a 100mt Knuckle Boom Crane. Toyo Construction Co. Ltd., a Japanese offshore construction company, will welcome this vessel as the latest addition to its fleet, specially designed for the flourishing Japanese offshore wind industry. The purpose-built VARD 9 15 design signifies a milestone in advancing capabilities for cable-laying and turbine foundation installation works in the Japanese offshore wind sector.

Huisman’s Hybrid Boom Crane includes a fully electric traction and storage winch design that ensures secure storage of large diameter subsea wire rope and significantly lower power consumption of the crane system. Hydraulic active and passive heave compensation, allows for the precise lowering of loads through the splash zone and accurate landing on the seabed.

Designed to meet the specific requirements and preferences of Toyo Construction Co. Ltd., the crane will undergo certification according to ClassNK regulations.

The 250mt Hybrid Boom Crane is a proven subsea crane concept that combines the high lifting height of a conventional lattice-type boom crane with the operational advantages of a Knuckle Boom Crane.

The 100mt Knuckle Boom Crane, part of Huisman’s recently launched Subsea Crane range for offshore construction vessels, is a compact yet powerful subsea-rated crane. Featuring active heave compensation, this crane is designed to assist in subsea work and handle cargo efficiently across the deck. The ability to lower the knuckle significantly reduces motions during offshore lifting operations.

Both cranes will be manufactured at Huisman’s state-of-the-art production facility in Zhangzhou, China. SOurce: Huisman

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