Holland Shipyards updates on Van Oord’s Svanen upgrade

Holland Shipyards Group reported today on the successful transportation and assembly of critical steelwork for the upgrade of the heavy lift installation vessel Svanen for Van Oord.

Van Oord announced at the end of 2023 that it is having its heavy lift installation vessel Svanen undergoing a major upgrade to make it ready for the installation of the next generation monopiles for offshore wind turbines. Among other improvements, the gantry crane will be extended by 25 metres. The extension, weighing 1200 tonnes, is being constructed by Holland Shipyards and will be installed using a 200 metres high Mammoet crane.

A total of more than 700 tons was carefully brought over at a specially prepared site in Vlissingen. Months of engineering, planning, and collaboration resulted in this operation, overcoming immense logistical challenges due to the sheer scale and precision required, Holland Shipyards reports.

The site, initially unqualified for the task due to tight dimensional tolerances, was transformed with a sand level-bed and temporary structures to support the top-gantry of the Svanen. Several teams of Holland Shipbuilding and partners were involved in the complex logistics.

The project now moves into the next phase of welding and further assembly. Source image: Holland Shipyards

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