Status: Opened on 28 March 2023
Location: In the eastern part of the province of Flevoland (municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad). Repowering project whereby 98 old wind turbines are being replaced by 90 modern wind turbines. 86 wind turbines are realised in a first phase.
Initiator: Windkoepel Groen, an association with independent members, each operating or involved in the operation of their own wind farm. Together the members are initiators of Windplan Groen.
Production capacity: App. 500 MW (based on 90 turbines)
Annual yield: App. 1,9 billion kWh per year (based on 90 turbines)
Turbines: Several providers: Vestas, GE, Nordex
Wind farms:

Flevo Ventum
Hondtocht 3
Hoge Vaart Zuid
Kubbeweg 2
Oldebroekertocht 3
Vires Venti
XY Wind
Zeebiestocht II

Contracters/Suppliers:   Ventolines (project advisor in development and contract management), Van der Vlist (port & transport activities), Topwind (ADLS), Business in Wind (decommissioning),Verschoor (turbine installation), Van Gelder (civil works), Geomaat (surveying engineering)

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