Dutch wind energy association takes on new name

NWEA has launched a new name: NedZero. With the new name, the Dutch wind energy association expresses the committment of the wind sector to a CO2-free energy system.

Jan Vos, chairman of NedZero: ‘Our new name fits the enormous development of our sector. Growth and ambition go hand in hand. We believe that not only the electricity system, but the entire energy system should be made CO2-free.’

Wind energy is already the largest supplier of electricity in the Netherlands. By 2030, 75 percent of the electricity will come from wind turbines. Wind energy will continue to grow rapidly after 2030. Transport, buildings and especially industry will then switch to green energy on a large scale.

Together with solar energy and advanced storage technologies such as batteries, compressed air and hydrogen, the entire Dutch energy system can become completely CO2-free. Home-grown energy is – especially given current developments on the world stage – a logical choice. Wind energy is clean, cheap and politically sensible, says NedZero.

The need to achieve a CO2-free energy system is greater than ever. Vos: ‘The Netherlands benefited greatly from fossil energy in the twentieth century: oil, coal and gas. Now there is a clear change: wind and sun are playing an increasingly important role in our energy mix and will make fossil energy redundant.’ Source: NedZero

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