Start activities for repowering project in Jacobahaven

Last week, Dutch company Business in Wind has started with the decommissioning of one of the wind turbines at the old Jacobahaven Wind Farm. In this repowering project, three Vestas V90, 3 MW, wind turbines are making place for three new, more powerful turbines.

The start of the activities followed after a positive ruling by the presiding judge of the Administrative Law Division of the Dutch Council of State on Tuesday, April 2. Developer E-Connection has the plan to replace the three existing wind turbines from 2006 in the Jacobahaven, just south of the Neeltje Jans flood barrier, but has been facing opposition from companies/parties in the surrounding area. However, the ruling on 2 April cleared the path for the start of the dismantling and construction activities.

Business in Wind is responsible for the discommissioning of the three old wind turbines. The first one has is now been dismantled. Last Wednesday, the turbine was dismantled. The demolition of the foundation will start this week. The dismantled turbine was transported by G. Vlastuin Transport to Ede from where it will be transported to Italy for a second life later on. The remaining two will be dismantled later this year and next year. Image: Business in Wind

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