Decommissioned: 2022, the wind farm made way for 24 new wind turbines in the IJsselmeer (Windplanblauw repowering project).
Location: Was located along the dyke between Lelystad and the Ketelbrug in the province of Flevoland. 
Commissioned: The nearshore wind farm was completed in 1998 and is therefore one of the oldest operational wind farms in the Netherlands.
Owner: Vattenfall
Production capacity: 16.8 MW
Turbines: 28 x Nordtank NTK 600/43
Turbine power: 600 kW
Decommissioned by: F&B Windpower (now Iver)
Remarks: Vattenfall has made several agreements for the recycling of the blades from the Irene Vorrink wind farm. The Norwegian company Gjenkraft AS will recycle the blades for insulation materials, synthetic oil and gas production and sports products. LIFE CarbonGreen is a project that investigates the possibilities of further processing. Two sheets are reserved for the ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland, which will be used to train mechanics.

All images: ©BGF

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