Dutch crane for offshore wind by Tetrahedron on Display

Our partner HeavyLiftNews.com was one of the invitees to see the first crane by Dutch company Tetrahedron put through its paces onshore in Vlissingen this week, following a successful 70t load test earlier this month.

Before seeing this first crane in action the development, geometry and eventual fabrication, transportation and installation stages of the crane were described by Wilco Stavenuiter (company founder), Alexander Ronse (Engineering Manager), Stephan van der Mel (Senior Structural Engineer), Rick Markestein (Senior Design Engineer).

Five years ago, they realised that the height of offshore wind turbine towers was going to be much higher in the future to accommodate the much larger turbines that were being planned. Conventional cranes on current installation vessels would not be able to reach these heights to install the 20MW turbines and blades in the future. Read further on HeavyLiftNews.com.

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