RVO presents viewer with current and future wind and mining activities in the Dutch North Sea

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, has developed a viewer (layer map) in which the current and future activities for wind energy and mining in the North Sea are visible.

There are oil and gas extraction platforms in or near wind energy areas. In the future, more gas fields will be taken out of production. As a result, platforms will also disappear. At the same time, there will also be oil and gas extraction at sea in the coming years – and new platforms will be added as a result. The Dutch government wants the generation of wind energy and the extraction of oil and gas to coexist as well as possible.

Insight into which space is needed for which activity is crucial for shaping the energy system in the North Sea and accommodating all energy activities in the North Sea in the period up to 2050.

The viewer also includes aeronautical information to reach the offshore locations and broader information related to the energy system in the North Sea to provide context The viewer is therefore particularly suitable for all North Sea stakeholders in the energy and aviation domain.

The elements below are included in the viewer:

  • Wind energy and search areas (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Existing and surveyed landfall routes (RFO)
  • Mining platforms and fields (TNO)
  • Locations of exploration and extraction permits for mining (TNO)
  • Pipelines (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Helicopter Main Routes (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Shipping routes (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • Defense areas (Ministry of Defense)
  • Nature reserves (Ministry of Agriculture Nature and Food Quality)

This viewer will be open until July 1, 2024 for submission of additional information or corrections by users, which will then be processed in the viewer. The viewer will be revised periodically, incorporating any new permit applications and/or spatial changes. Source: RVO

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