Kitepower and eFuelution explore application of airborne wind energy system in hydrogen sector

Kitepower, the Dutch developer of Airborne Wind Energy solutions, and eFuelution, an end-to-end project developer specialising in hydrogen electrolysis projects, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at accelerating the development of green hydrogen projects, leveraging Kitepower’s innovative technology as a complementary solution.

With the Netherlands aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, green hydrogen emerges as a pivotal element in achieving this ambitious goal. eFuelution is committed to accelerating and optimizing hydrogen project development, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

Synergising innovation for sustainable solutions

The collaboration between Kitepower and eFuelution brings together cutting-edge technologies and expertise from both the airborne wind energy and hydrogen sectors. By uniting efforts, the partners seek to expedite the realization of green hydrogen projects while simultaneously driving down production costs.

Johannes Peschel, CEO of Kitepower: “We are excited to cooperate with eFuelution, exploring new applications of our system in the hydrogen sector. This partnership empowers us to seamlessly integrate our technology into hydrogen projects, making significant strides in the energy transition.”

Hanno Hardenbol, Project Development Consultant – Clean Energy at eFuelution: “Our partnership with Kitepower allows us to leverage their groundbreaking technology with the potential to revolutionize green hydrogen production. Together, we are poised to deliver sustainable and economically viable hydrogen projects.” Source: Kitepower

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