Vattenfall applies for Echteld Lienden Wind Farm permits

Vattenfall has applied for the necessary permits from the province of Gelderland for the realization of the Echteld Lienden onshore wind farm along the A15 motorway. This marks the next step in the development of the wind farm.

The application follows the province’s recent adoption of the preferred alternatives for wind energy locations earlier this year. In this preferred alternative, the province has chosen for an arrangement with 7 wind turbines with a tip height of up to 270 meters. The wind turbines will be located on both sides of the A15 motorway. They will replace Vattenfall’s current four wind turbines (repowering).

The construction of a wind farm requires various permits. For example, permission is requested not only for the construction of wind turbines, but also for the construction of (temporary) roads, cables and foundations and for the environmental aspect. A permit is also requested for the possible impact on animals and plants.

All permits will become part of the “project decision,” which will be taken by the province under the Environment Act. Part of this project decision is also the environmental impact report (EIA). This report describes all the effects of the wind farm on the environment, such as noise effects and effects on nature.

Draft decisions available for inspection

The (draft) project decision with all (draft) permits is expected to be made available for inspection by the Province of Gelderland before the summer. After processing and responding to any views expressed, the province will then adopt the final project decision. This is expected to take place in the second half of 2024. Depending on whether or not an appeal procedure with the Dutch Council of State is initiated, Vattenfall will start preparations for construction.

Energy park Echteld Lienden

The proposed wind farm is part of the Energy Park Echteld Lienden project. Along the A15 motorway within the municipalities of Buren and Neder-Betuwe, Vattenfall is investigating the possibility of a wind farm and solar farm. Source: Energiepark Echteld Lienden

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