Lowest mast components from Eneco’s Herkingen Wind Farm repurposed as water storage tanks

Eneco has set out plans to demolish the Herkingen wind farm on the delta island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the Netherlands, with a strong focus on material reuse. The blades will turn into something else by Blade-Made. In a pilot project, the lowest mast components will be repurposed as rain water storage tanks.

After 33 years of service as a renewable energy generator, Herkingen wind farm officially stopped operating at the beginning of this month. The wind farm initially had five turbines, which were replaced by three larger turbines from Vestas (total power 8.25 MW) during the repowering in 2004. The wind farm has now reached its end of life.

Demolition started on 29 April and is due for completion in May. The activities are performed by Iver – Experts in Wind. During the demolition, Eneco will focus heavily on material reuse in order to minimise waste.

Blades processed by Blade-Made

While most turbine materials are easy to reuse, the blades still pose a challenge. To solve this issue, Eneco has agreed that the Dutch company Blade–Made will process the blades and transform them into street furniture, playground equipment or sound barriers. At the current pace of progress in blade recycling technology, there should be opportunities to reuse the blade materials in these products at the end of their usable life.

Lower mast components repurposed as water storage tanks

The land on which the turbines are located will be sold to a local farmer, and the lowest mast components will be repurposed as three, 15-metre-high tanks. As this has never been done before, this is a pilot project. If all goes according to plan they will, collectively, be able to store up to 900,000 litres of rainwater, so that the farmer can continue spraying crops during dry periods.

The wind farm’s power connection will be handed over to grid operator Stedin and will be used to optimise the electrical grid on Goeree-Overflakkee.

Alongside renewable energy generation, Eneco is committed to circularity as part of its One Planet Plan. The energy company wants to achieve full circularity by 2050 and are taking steps in that direction now, where possible. Source: Eneco

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