Jungle AI and MO4’s joint effort to minimise downtime in the maritime industry

Dutch companies Jungle AI and MO4 have decided to combine their technologies to increase uptime and profitability in the maritime sector by minimising vessel downtime.

Unplanned vessel downtime results in substantial losses every year. While mechanical downtime occurs due to maintenance issues, weather downtime takes place when weather conditions prevent the vessel from operating, negatively impacting the profitability and reliability of maritime operators. Combining the expertise of both Jungle and MO4 in mechanical and weather downtime allows maritime owners and operators tackle the issue in full.

‍“This collaboration with Jungle feels like the logical next step for us. There is strong synergy between our solutions, in this case one and one does equal three. We’re thrilled about combining our technologies and are confident that this partnership will be a resounding success.” Says Mark Paalvast, managing director at MO4.

By bringing together Jungle’s predictive maintenance AI technology with MO4’s physics-based motion forecasting solution, the two companies are able to provide users with data-driven insights based on all operational and ambient conditions, producing unparalleled results. The combination of the two groundbreaking technologies allows owners and operators to add up to 20 extra days per year in weather availability and up to 10 days in additional technical uptime.

“We’re very excited to be teaming up with MO4 to speed up efficiency within the maritime industry. This partnership will allow us to leverage each other’s strengths in both mechanical and weather downtime, ensuring we create the most value for our customers”, says Arnoud Kamerbeek, Jungle’s CEO.‍

On top of improving productivity, Jungle and MO4 are helping offshore operators increase safety, reduce maintenance costs, and cut emissions, enhancing the overall efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations. Source: Jungle AI

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