Heerema takes delivery of innovative monopile lifting and upending tools

Heerema Marine Contractors took delivery of innovative Monopile Lifting and Upending Tools from F.lli Righini Srl last week. They will be used for the first time during installation work at EnBW’s He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm.

The tools, a tip monopile lifting tools (MTLT) and a top monopile lifting tool (MPUT/FMUT) have been designed, fabricated and load tested under DNV rules and regulations by F.lli Righini Srl. they will enable upending and installing monopiles by means of using two cranes.

The tools are designed to lift and upend both flanged and unflanged monopiles and are suitable for piles of various diameters and weights. These aspects are particularly useful because they allow Heerema Marine Contractors to operate the same multi-purpose tool for various projects.

The first project where they will be used is the EnBW He Dreiht Wind Farm. Here, 64 unflanged monopiles will be installed by the installation vessel SSCV Thialf. Source: Heerema LinkedIn post

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