Decommissioned: 2024
Location: The wind farm was located on the delta island of Goeree-Overflakkee, Province of Zuid-Holland 
Commissioned: 1991 (5 wind turbines) and repowered in 2004
Owner: Eneco
Turbines: 3 x Vestas turbines with a hub height of 80 meters.
Turbine power: 2.75 MW
Total power: 8.25 MW
Decommissioned by: Iver- Experts in Wind
Remarks: Blade–Made will process the blades and transform them into street furniture, playground equipment or sound barriers. The remaining turbine parts are revised for possible re-use. The lower mast components are repurposed as water storage tanks.

All images: ©Eneco (all three) / Iver – Experts in Wind (last 2)

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