Vos Prodect introduces new Cable Stabilisation Insert solution

Vos Prodect, the Dutch specialist in subsea hang-off systems, is introducing their new cable stabilisation insert solution. This new addition to their cable hang-off system will improve cable installation and extend design lifetime maintenance.

The cable stabilisation insert acts as a sealing plug that helps making Vos Prodect’s cable hang-off system 100% air and water tight. Most importantly, it helps stabilise the cable during the design lifetime in the wind turbine or platform.

Vos Prodect have transformed their existing sealing plug, to also act as a stabilisation insert which reduces cable movement in the turbine or platform by 85%. This reduction in movement also reduces the offshore pull in installation time saving 15%, the company states.

This feature allows for a swift and reliable assembly of Vos Prodect’s cable hang-off system and critically saves offshore installation time. Furthermore the cable stabilisation insert plug guarantees optimal cable core alignment during final installation and throughout its design lifetime with our cable hang-off system. Source: Vos Prodect

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