Amsterdam municipality puts draft plans for wind energy out for public consultation

After years of investigating, the municipality of Amsterdam has designated five potential areas for additional wind turbines. Before a final decision is made, the plans are first put out for public consultation.

There are now 28 wind turbines in Amsterdam and plans for 7 wind turbines. But the municipality needs additional capacity to meet the goal of generating 127 MW of wind energy by 2030. The municipality has now designated five areas (zoekgebieden) where it wants to generate an additional 27 MW of wind energy, which is about 4 to 8 additional wind turbines, being:

  • Port area outside the A10
  • Diemerscheg, along the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal south of the Diemen A1/A9 interchange
  • Holendrecht interchange, on the east side of the A2 motorway
  • The southeastern shore of the Gaasperplas
  • Weesperkarspel, near the water purification site of Waternet

The municipality prefers to have as many of the additional wind turbines as possible in the port area, as it would be faster and easier to obtain permits for wind energy there.

Public consultation

The plans have been incorporated into the Draft Wind Energy Program Amsterdam. From May 23 to July 17, 2024 a view can be submitted on the choice of these areas, the conditions for potential developers, and on the proposal to enable additional wind energy faster and easier in the Port area. At the end of 2024, the city council will make a final decision on the areas and conditions. Source: Municipality of Amsterdam

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