Purus welcomes third FCS 2710 from Damen

Damen Shipyards Group has delivered the third in an order of three Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) 2710 Hybrids to Purus. The latest delivery, Lowestoft, joins recently delivered sister vessels Tenby and Padstow.

Purus has the ambition to operate the most environmentally conscious fleet, including crew transfer vessels – a goal aligned with Damen’s aim to become the most sustainable maritime solutions provider. The vessels, the first of their kind, have been designed to provide low emission crew transfer services to the offshore wind sector. They are fitted with 190 kW battery arrays that enable them to sail zero emissions while in harbour and when loitering at offshore wind farms.

In addition to their hybrid capabilities, the FCS 2710 Hybrids are IMO Tier III compliant, with significantly reduced NOX and SOX emissions. With this performance, Purus aims to directly provide its clients with the benefits of reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

A growing fleet of low emission vessels

The contract for the three vessels was signed in October 2022 during the Damen Maritime Festival, an annual event the shipbuilder holds at its HQ in the Netherlands to showcase the latest maritime solutions.

The latest delivery, Lowestoft, joins recently delivered sister vessels Tenby and Padstow – all named in honour of British ports – in the company’s growing fleet. Purus currently has a further eight vessels on order with Damen – a 90-metre Commissioning Service Operations Vessel, three FCS 3210 vessels, and four additional FCS 2710 Hybrids – each of which is developed to offer low emission performance.

Following the delivery of the Padstow and Tenby, the vessels went straight on to charter where they are performing well. Damen will support the FCS 2710 Hybrids deliveries via their Service Hub in Southampton, UK. Purus will have access to local support, both scheduled and unscheduled, as well as to spare parts and components to help them ensure maximal uptime. Source: Damen

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