First concrete pour for Windbase-designed foundations at Koraal Tabak Wind Farm on Curaçao

Windbase, a Dutch specialist in wind turbine foundation design, shared the news that the concrete for the first wind turbine foundation has been poured at the onshore wind farm Koraal Tabak in the eastern part of Curaçao.

The Koraal Tabak Wind Farm is an initiative of NuKoraal Tabak, a consortium of Aqualectra Utility – Curacao Water and Power and NuCapital Investments LLC Aspiravi. The wind farm will comprise five Vestas V150, 4.5 MW turbines with a combined power of 22.5 MW. The wind farm is being constructed by MNO Vervat Curaçao.

Windbase was responsible for the design of the foundations and assigned as technical advisor foundation for the client and QA/QC. Quality engineer Casper Meijer was on site with the first concrete pouring: “Great to see the first steps in construction. Looking forward to seeing the project getting more shape.“

The turbine installation is planned for after the summer. If everything goes according to plan, Koraal Tabak will produce green power before the end of this year. The wind farm is Aspiravi Group’s fourth wind farm on Curaçao. The other three wind farms are Tera Kora I (2012/15 MW), Tera Kora II (2017/17.3 MW) and Playa Canoa (2012/15 MW). Source: Windbase Image: Screenshot Windbase video on LinkedIn

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