Netherlands’ largest stand-alone Battery Energy Storage System for excess renewable energy to take shape in Dordrecht

Dispatch, a Dutch battery developer, is going to construct the Netherlands’ largest stand-alone Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the port area of Dordrecht. The system will be used for grid stabilization by storing excess energy from renewable sources.

The battery, consisting of 144 Fluence cubes will be located on a 6000m² site. The 45MW/ 90Mh utility-scale BESS will on average store enough energy supply equivalent for 21.500 households per day. Construction is set to commence in the coming months. Equans Netherlands will take charge of the engineering and construction of the battery storage system.

Battery Storage as enabler of the energy transition

Eneco will use the battery on a long-term basis to manage differences in supply and demand in energy markets. BESS systems store energy generated from renewable sources like solar and wind, releasing it during periods of high demand or when production dips. Thereby they ensure a steady and reliable energy supply. With this capacity, the project will contribute to improving the balance of the electricity grid, reducing the chances of a blackout, and to making more efficient use of the energy generated by wind and solar. Eneco will optimize the battery to maintain this balance without increasing local congestion.

On a mission to resolve The Netherland’s grid challenges

The project is arranged in partnership with infrastructure fund EPICo², Macquarie Capital and lender ABN AMRO. It marks the first of many in a strategic alliance between Dispatch and Macquarie Capital aimed at developing up to 3GWh of BESS projects across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany over the next seven years.

“Large-scale energy storage is the missing link in the energy transition. There is an urgent need in Europe for maintaining a balanced energy grid, this will grow significantly in the next couple of years with the further integration of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar. The project in The Netherlands will positively contribute to the grid challenges, however the large-scale deployment of energy storage in Netherlands is still hampered by high grid fees compared to our neighboring countries. Our partnership with Macquarie Capital underscores our commitment to accelerating this crucial transition through innovative battery energy storage solutions. With the additional support of EPICo² and ABN AMRO, we are well-positioned to drive the development of critical energy infrastructure in Europe.”

Eiso Vaandrager, Co-Founder of Dispatch

Source: Dispatch Image: 3D rendering of the BESS

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