Dutch wind industry players guarantee internships for secondary vocational students

Yesteray, 13 June 2024, during WindDay, the annual NedZero event for companies in the wind sector, the Convenant Stageplaatsen Wind Nederland (Wind Netherlands Internship Covenant) was signed. Through this joint initiative of the secondary vocational education institutes (MBO) and the wind energy sector, participating companies guarantee to provide enough internships for secondary vocational students and to bear the long-term investments required for this.

The Dutch wind energy sector is growing at full speed, with a predicted 70 GW of installed capacity in 2050. In line with this, the need for relevantly trained technicians is increasing every year. This, while there already is a shortage in trained professionals to day. To provide solutions to this, the wind sector has been taking action for some time. For example, continuous efforts are being made to develop education and training facilities in cooperation with the government.

By signing the convenant, the signatories endorse their goal to structurally contribute to reducing theis shortage. The agreement was officially received by Adnan Tekin, chairman of the MBO Council and Focco Vijselaar, general director of VNO-NCW. The convenant went immediately into effect.

“Staff shortages are a challenge. The wind sector, together with secondary education, is taking responsibility by guaranteeing apprenticeships. That is a milestone that should be celebrated.”

Jan Vos, chairman of NedZero

Business and secondary education join forces

By signing this agreement, the business community and vocational education institutions are going one step further. By signing, companies active in the wind industry in the Netherlands are complying with the agreement to bear all long-term investments necessary to offer internships to technical MBO talent.

The companies will also guarantee internships and make continued efforts to collaborate with vocational training courses. The Dutch wind sector has good experiences with involving MBO technology students at an early stage in practical education and challenging them to get the best out of themselves.

Enduring relevance

With guaranteed internships, students can gain practical experience in a dynamic industry under the guidance of experienced professionals, while the necessary investments are borne by the industry. Investing directly in the future generation of MBO technicians helps the wind industry reduce workforce shortages in the energy transition and ensures that technicians can continue to develop in a rapidly changing energy landscape. Source/Image: NedZero

Windpowernl spoke to Joost Pellis (contact at NedZero for this subject) and David Molenaar on the topic of connecting industry and education last year. Read the interview here (p30)

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