Utrecht City Council adopts zoning plan for 4 wind turbines

The City Council of the Dutch city Utrecht has decided to adopt the zoning plan for four wind turbines in the Rijnenburg and Reijerscop area, south of the Utrecht district of De Meern and southwest of the Oudenrijn interchange.

The plan area lies south of the A12 motorway and west of the A2 motorway. The wind farm will be located in a line arrangement of three wind turbines in Rijnenburg and a solitary wind turbine in Reijerescop. The four wind turbines will be up to 270 meters high and will provide enough power annually to provide for the equivalent energy consumption of about 27 thousand households.

The zoning plan contains a number of important conditions for the wind turbines. For example, the agreement is that they will be shut down if the blades cast annoying cast shadow on a residence. A maximum noise level of 45 dB Lden also applies. For the easternmost wind turbine, the municipality, in cooperation with the Department of Public Works, is still conducting further research into traffic safety, due to its position near the highway.

Once all remaining procedures are completed, the initiators Eneco and cooperatives De Windvogel en Rijne Energie can make to start with the preparations for the construction of the wind farm. Construction will then start in 2027 at the earliest. In the meantime, the Rijne Energie cooperative has recruited nearly 1,000 members who want a say in the wind farm.

Besides four wind turbines, there will also be an area fund, an arrangement for residents and the initiators will provide for nature development in and outside the polder area. The initiators will also be looking into the possibility with landowners for additional solar fields or additional wind turbines and explore the possibibilities of installing a battery.

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