Solidd and Tetrahedron complete new innovative offshore wind crane + video

Solidd, a Dutch specialist in heavy steel construction, has announced the completion of the innovative new Tetrahedron crane. This ambitious project, carried out in close collaboration with Tetrahedron, marks an important milestone for Solidd, being its largest crane ever built.

The Tetrahedron crane, an innovative new crane concept, presented unique technical challenges. Solidd had to create a crane that was lightweight yet extremely strong and precise. By using thin-walled high-strength steel and advanced 3D measurements, Solidd was able to achieve the necessary strength and precision. Due to its impressive dimensions (112.8m length, 24.9 m width and 37.5 meter height), the crane was built in parts and transported to Vlissingen by pontoon.

The project required close collaboration between Solidd and Tetrahedron. Both parties worked together on the realization of the crane, combining Solidd’s expertise in manufacturing and project management with Tetrahedron’s theoretical knowledge. This joint effort and dedication led to a successful end result.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together with Tetrahedron,” says Boy, commercial manager at Solidd. “This project proves our capability to successfully bring groundbreaking projects in offshore wind to fruition.” Source: Solidd

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