GF Corporation joins IX Renewables in Rui-Li 1 Floating wind project in Taiwan

GF Corporation, a Japanese renewable energy company, has become one of the key strategic partners in Rui-Li Phase 1 (Rui-Li 1), a planned Floating Offshore Wind Project in Taiwan which is being developed by IX Renewables, headquartered in the Netherlands.

The planned Rui-Li 1 project, located off the coast of Hsinchu County, is to feature 12 floating 15 MW offshore wind turbines. The project will participate in the tender for demonstration projects which is foreseen for the end 2024/beginning 2025. The requirements regarding the bid are expected to be published by the Taiwanese government soon.

This tender aims to select projects which will serve as a demonstrations for floating offshore wind in the Taiwan Strait (the Floating Demonstration), thereby paving the way for the next wave of commercial scale offshore wind tenders, which are expected to all be floating. The winning wind farm is expected to be constructed around 2027/2029 and connected to the grid before the end of 2030.

Strategic Partnerships and Development Context

The collaboration with GF Corp demonstrates the commitment and potential of the Rui-Li 1 project. With GF Corp as a strategic partner, the Rui-Li 1 project team is more confident than ever in the successful execution and positive impact of the project.

GF Corp, headquartered in Anan, Tokushima, Japan, is planning floating offshore projects in Japan, as part of its ambition to achieve a combined 1 GW of solar and wind power installations by 2033, and the advanced status and opportunity that Rui-Li 1 offers will allow the company to gain valuable experience that can soon be implemented in the Japanese market.

“GF Corp is proud to invest in the Rui-Li 1 project. Our commitment to this project aligns with our vision of promoting renewable energy globally while acting locally. We believe that our expertise and resources will significantly contribute to the success of Taiwan’s first floating offshore wind project. The Rui-Li 1 project not only provides us with invaluable insights for our future projects in Japan but also underscores our commitment to benefiting local communities and fostering sustainable development.”

Koji Fujisaki, CEO of GF Corp

IX Renewables, headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in Taiwan and Japan, is the coordinator of the Rui-Li 1 project. The company combines technical expertise with a commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and community engagement, ensuring projects meet regulatory standards while positively impacting local economies and ecosystems. The Rui-Li 1 project is committed to delivering benefits to local stakeholders, encompassing the fishery sector, local specialists, and local companies. Environmental sustainability is at the core of the project.

“The Rui-Li 1 project is a landmark initiative for Taiwan’s energy future and a deeply personal mission for me. With the invaluable support from GF Corp and our committed team, we are set to make a substantial positive impact on Taiwan’s renewable energy landscape. This project highlights our core values of respect, trust, and collaboration, aiming to provide lasting benefits for the local communities and the environment.”

Eric Kamphues, Chairman of Rui-Li 1 and CEO of IX Renewables

Notably, the Netherlands has been a significant foreign investor in Taiwan for many years. Dutch companies like ASML, Atradius, and NXP Semiconductors have been deeply involved in Taiwan’s technology industry, making significant contributions to economic development in Taiwan. The Netherlands is currently the second-largest foreign investor in Taiwan, reflecting a deep and enduring economic relationship between the two countries. Source: IX Renewables Image: GF Corporation HQ

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