Tree Composites receives DNV SoC C-design certification for wrapped composite X-joint

Last week, Delft, Netherlands based Tree Composites, developer of the wrapped composite joint, announced that it received DNV Statement of Compliance (SoC) C-design for its full-scale wrapped composite X-joint.

Tree Composites has developed the TC-joint, a novel technology based on composite as an alternative to the complex welded joints in multi-membered tubular structures. This certification confirms that their joint design procedure and manufacturing method have been rigorously evaluated by DNV’s team of independent experts.

The milestone is part of the WrapNode-II project that is focused on the further development of the wrapped composite joint in offshore wind structures. In order to develop the technology towards full-scale application and validate on critical points, extensive large- and full-scale component tests will be executed. Furthermore, an actual jacket structure using composite joints will be assembled and tested to showcase the functionality of the joints in an actual system.

The SoC C-design not only validates the innovative technology but also enhances its credibility, making it easier for offshore projects to adopt composite joints with confidence. Source: Tree Composites

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