EWT’s DW54X Direct Drive onshore wind turbine officially certified

Dutch wind turbine manufacturer EWT has announced that they have formally certified their latest product configuration, the DW54X-1MW Direct Drive onshore wind turbine.

The wind turbine has been designed as a IEC wind class IA wind turbines for sites with high wind speeds, performing to the highest standards in areas with a wind resource of between 8.5 and 10 metres per second average at hub height.

The DW54X-1MW comes with a 54 metre rotordiameter and three hub heights (40, 50 and 75m) to meet customer requirements such as tip height restriction.

The turbine is prototyped and type tested at a mountainous location in Greece. Last year, EWT announced that it had signed a contract with Antarctica New Zealand, for the supply and installation of 3 turbines type DW54X-1MW, hub height 40m, at Ross Island, Antarctica. Source: EWT

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