Dutch offshore & nearshore wind farms

Dutch Offshore Wind Targets

With the opening of Hollandse Kust Noord Offshore Wind Farm in 2023, the final step in successfully completing the Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2023 was reached. At the end of 2023, 4.7 GW of offshore wind was installed in the Netherlands.

2023 and beyond

In 2022, the Government raised the target for offshore wind capacity from 11 to 21 GW by 2030/2031. In addition, the Government is focusing on the generation of energy from approximately 50 GW of offshore wind in 2040 and approximately 70 GW in 2050.

On 25 April 2024, the Government announced a change in the planning  with the 21 GW more likely to be reached in 2032.

Operational Offshore Wind Farms

There are currently 9 wind farms operational in Dutch waters. These are (in order of commissioning date): Egmond aan Zee (2007 – demonstration), Princess Amalia Offshore Wind Farm (2008), Eneco Luchterduinen (2015), Gemini (2017), Borssele 1&2 (2021), Borssele III & IV (2021), Borssele V innovation site (2021), Hollandse Kust Zuid (2023) and Hollandse Kust Noord (2023).

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Planned wind farm sites

The below table lists the offshore wind farm sites that are planned:

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